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Simple Translation in a Complicated World


IN-CURE is a US based translation agency

We specialize in all types of translation services from Turkish to English and English to Turkish


We provide both an on-site and phone interpreter to ensure correct communication. Our interpreters go beyond basic communication to ease any confusion.

Our telephone interpretation is available to all industries and delivers a proprietary integration of technology and linguistic resources linking our client and the Limited English Proficient (LEP).

Legal interpreting takes place in a legal setting such as a courtroom or an attorney’s office, in which activities or proceedings related to law are conducted.

  • Telephonic
  • On-site consecutive
  • On-site simultaneous
  • Conference
  •  Groups and delegation
  • Court
  • Deposition
  • International company meetings
  • Medical
  • Other events

Document Translation

We provide translation services for all types of documents.

  • Immigration documents
  • Legal translation
  • Video and Movie Dubbing
  • Hospital records
  • Consent forms
  • Laboratory works
  • Preparation processes for applications
Interpretation Services

Cultural Orientation

Our team will work with the client and family during the travel process. We help with acquiring a Visa, completing paperwork and travel arrangements.

Our Cultural Orientation Specialist will help client adapt to the new settings, situations, and cultures that they are exposed to during the travels.

We provide accompaniment and assistance for the patient throughout the travel process, including:

  • Guidance on acquiring a Visa
  • International travel arrangements
  • Traveling doctors to accompany patients on flights
International Travel Assistance

Patient Ambassadorship

Our Patient Ambassador will act as a facilitator between the patient/family and clinical research company. I will educate the patient and family about the basics of the study protocol, provide clear communication between the patient/family and study investigators, report to the clinical research company throughout the study, and ensure proper follow-up with the patient. We’ll also take care of all appointment scheduling.

We provide the patient with transportation to the research site and other locations, such as:

  • Grocery shopping
  • Doctors appointments
  • Pharmacy appointments
  • Laboratory appointments
  • Airport transportation
  • Cultural orientation trips
Transportation Services